Vue aérienne d'Aigues Mortes © OT Aigues Mortes

Medieval treasures from Rhône to Camargue

Spring / Summer
Week-end / 3 days
I’m starting out / with the family

Medieval treasures from Rhône to Camargue by bike

A break to delight heritage-loving cyclists, offering you a journey back in time. From Beaucaire, awarded Ville d’Art et d’Histoire status for its cultural riches, exceptionally important sites are dotted along this stretch, such as St Gilles Abbey and the rampart-surrounded port of Aigues-Mortes.

The cycling is easy, taking you along sections of safe greenways, or, in places, along quiet roads on which there are speed limits. So that you have time to discover the magnificent heritage sites along the way, the length of each day’s cycling is short. The selected stops tell of the story of these lands that were so highly strategic in past times, on the border between the French kingdom and Provence. 

From €220 per person


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